Frequently Asked Questions

What means Green on Brown?

Green on Brown means that you can detect any vegetation on fallow land. With beeleap we detect all life vegetations it is not colour dependend.

What means Green on Green?

Green on Green means that we can detect weeds in a crop. Each individual plant is detected and catagorized based on it characteristics and specie.

Can I also detect weeds in the rows of row crops?

Yes, beeleap analysis each individual plant and makes no difference where they are standing.

Can beeleap detect specific weeds for special treatments?

Yes, we have in the algorithm defined Thistles and Rumex as seperate weeds for specific treatments. Beeleap is able to expand the number of specific weeds when there is good use for in the treatment.

What means Dual spraying at beeleap?

When you want to spray the whole field on a low dose and detected area‘s on a high dose you can do this through the same nozzle and sprayline.

What is a split tank?

When you want to spray 2 applications on the same time you need 2 tanks and 2 spraylines. Both tanks/spraylines can be controled by one beeleap system.

On which sprayers can I install beeleap?

Beeleap is a fully modular system which can be build on any kind of sprayer. The nozzle body holders should be suitable for the beeleap valves.

I have an orchard sprayer can I put a beeleap on that?

Yes, we have many orchard sprayers running. Please note that our maximum spray pressure is 10bar.

On which nozzle bodies can I install beeleap‘s valves?

Basically on all Arag nozzle body holders and most Teejet. If you have a different nozzle body holder we can check for you the compatibility.

Up to how many nozzle can the system handle?

The beeleap system can handle up to 250 nozzles. The nozzles can be divided over up to 4 spraylines.

If I have a split tank with 2 spray lines do I need 2 separate system?

No you can run up to 4 spraylines with one system with in total 250 nozzles.

Can I still use the sprayer for broadcast applications?

Yes, the base of the system makes your daily spray operation even easier then ever. No worries about your spray quality, always the right droplet and right rate everywhere.

Can I get as applied maps of the spray operation when I work with the camera‘s?

Yes we have an extensive cloud environment for our users where they can excess their as applied maps.

Can I use an as applied map an other time as a prescription map?

You can reuse an as applied map by making it a prescription map.

What is a prescription map?

A map where is defined where and how much you want to spray.

What is the scale of a prescription map?

In the beeleap system we work for broadacres with maps on a scale of 25x25cm up to 2500 ha in one map. For special crops we can scale it down to 5x5cm and up to 100ha.

Can my GPS system handle the maps of beeleap on the scale 25x25cm?

None of the GPS systems can handle that. For this reason the maps are handled in the beeleap system directly and the GPS system is only used for the exact GPS position in the field.

I have a tractor with GPS and ISO bus, do I need a display from beeleap?

No you can run beeleap userinterface as a virtual terminal on your ISO bus screen.

I have no ISO bus on my tractor what do I need from beeleap?

In this case you need a display from us or any other ISO bus screen.

In which crops can I work with the beeleap system?

Corn, soybean, cotton, peanuts, rapeseed, sunflower, wheat, barley, grassland, sugarbeets, onions, carrots, potatoes, basil, vines

I want to spray all weeds except grasses is that possible?

Yes you can select in the user interface that you spray all weeds except grasses. The other way around is also possible, so only grasses and no other weeds (not possible in grains)

Can you service the system from a distance?

Yes all our systems are connected and accessible from anywhere. Firmware, software, detection algorithms and settings can be handled through the cloud.

Can the camera detect differences in crops?

Yes, with the hyperspectral function crop stress and crop density for example can be detected and used for a modulation spray for example.

What is modulation spraying?

Based on differences in crops or weed sizes the spray rate can be realtime set at different rates. Starting low or high and stepless to an other setpoint depending on the application.

What are examples of modulation spraying?

a. VRA, spraying fertilizers based on the crop stress.
b. Fungicide treatment, heavier crop higher application

i. Herbicide treatment where foliar herbicide is applied proportionally to the weed biomass


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